~~~ LORD ~~~


A pictorial representation of the empty tomb of Jesus Christ after He was raised from the dead by God Almighty.



Glory to Thee, Everlasting Old Sage;

For hearts draweth wage where Thy Word fills our page.

From vowels in swift tears which flow too fast to read,

To victorious lines of Thoust life-giving creed.


Thine old world debunked via Nohaic flood;

Thy covenant anew bound by Spirit, water, blood.

Thee won many names, ever Art Thou distinguished;

Ye burn with a flame which couldst ne’er be extinguished.


Disrobing the earth, parting creased, cobalt gown,

Lo, Thee clefted Red sea, winning timeless renown;

Thou witnessed death’s angel Passover door jambs,

Lintels daubed by the blood of those innocent lambs.


You’re the love-light which shines from a mother’s firm smile,

And the peace which transcends all our thoughts with your style;

Aye, Ye gaveth Thy Son for our sins and our shame,

So I scribe You these words, lauding praise to Thy Name.



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A and E 

” Ensconced upon My visible throne,

Thy heavens unveil invisible home,

Oe’r orb below, where resteth feet,

That fall on spring, e’en winter’s sleet.

Surveying athwart ‘zure sky I made,

‘Bove sheltered vert which lends you shade;

I tread aloft swirled ocean’s girth,

And sow shrill winds their roaming berth.

I lit the sun and trimmed crag moon,

To govern pitch night and pilot noon;

Thee shaped vast globe with rushing tides,

Volcanic bursts gave birth her size.

I forged mankind from common earth,

Thenst breathed within, his ‘ternal worth.

Created trees, the bees and birds,

And fed my prophets godly words;

Decided vault of faithful blue,

Should still remain arched over you;

Begat wild beasts, invented flowers,

Built fortresses of scented towers,

Which catcheth eyne of creeping things,

The lonesome maid; each bird that sings.

Hark, ev’ry wing and every sting,

Yea, ev’ry unnamed living thing;

I spread abroad Thy lithic table,

Instilled with wisdom; made them able.

Lo, set fixed bounds of seven seas,

And gave dominion to whom did please.

I save my herd from deathly sin,

Thenst Grace them with victorious win.

Aye, dandle lambs ‘pon ancient knees,

For whom my Christ turned Kingdom keys,

Bequeathing words hid ‘fore void night,

Since day I said, ‘ Let there be light ‘. “