~~~ LORD ~~~


A pictorial representation of the empty tomb of Jesus Christ after He was raised from the dead by God Almighty.



Glory to Thee, Everlasting Old Sage;

For hearts draweth wage where Thy Word fills our page.

From vowels in swift tears which flow too fast to read,

To victorious lines of Thoust life-giving creed.


Thine old world debunked via Nohaic flood;

Thy covenant anew bound by Spirit, water, blood.

Thee won many names, ever Art Thou distinguished;

Ye burn with a flame which couldst ne’er be extinguished.


Disrobing the earth, parting creased, cobalt gown,

Lo, Thee clefted Red sea, winning timeless renown;

Thou witnessed death’s angel Passover door jambs,

Lintels daubed by the blood of those innocent lambs.


You’re the love-light which shines from a mother’s firm smile,

And the peace which transcends all our thoughts with your style;

Aye, Ye gaveth Thy Son for our sins and our shame,

So I scribe You these words, lauding praise to Thy Name.



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